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Last update on: 13 Jun 2023

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Be very careful when on top of the world. It is easier to fall from the top of a mountain than from its base.


Luxury is an insult in the face of one who has nothing.


If your life is not based on truth, what is it based on?


It doesn't matter if your argument is true, many people see only what their illusions allow them to believe.


Don't lose hope when everything around you is going wrong. Lose it when you're not willing to change, even when everything is against you.


Poetry is a written art form. The song, sung. The theater, staged.


Knowledge drives ignorance away, and it can also drive many ignorant people away from you, to the point where you will be socially rejected.


It is not in victory that there is learning, it is in defeat.


Life was not meant to be a bed of roses, but a mountain of learning. It's hard to get to the top, not because it's high, but because there's no way to reach it.


Good is stronger than evil, but evil can only triumph when good is omitted.


Your greatest wealth is what you value most.


The amount of time you invest in something demonstrates how much you value it.


If you don't seek the truth for yourself, you will be condemned to live someone else's lie.


Your intentions demonstrate who you are, not your actions.


Wisdom may not have many followers, but those who follow it have a more peaceful life.


If we're looking for the truth, we're sure to believe untruths until we get to it. The problem is not whether we temporarily believe untruths, but whether we are not meeting the truth.


Changing your mind is not wrong. It is wrong to maintain an incorrect opinion, saying that it is correct, even after presenting a contradiction that invalidates it.


We are all philosophers, but many prefer to be judges.


If life is limited to this existence only, then it's madness to live.


Limits should not stop you from continuing to overcome obstacles, because it is through them that we discover our real potential.


Violence is a psychological interpretation of reality.


People are so conditioned to lying that when they are confronted with the truth, they start to hate whoever told it.


We should not despair when we make mistakes, but if we do nothing when we are aware of our mistakes.


Learn the principles and you won't be dependent on tools.


It makes no sense to live in society without worrying about those most in need of it.


The moments I learned the most in my life were when I made mistakes, not when I got good grades.


It is better to be confronted by reality than comforted by illusion.


We must not imprison our lives in pursuit of wealth, fame, recognition or self-sufficiency. Society has many needs, and none of these "prisons" are able to meet them.


A society begins to self-destruct when it is too distracted by entertainment and by the unbridled pursuit of power.


People prefer to be distracted by their selfish interests and conform to their laziness rather than react and fight for their rights.


Without privacy there is no freedom, and without freedom there is no free thought. And without free thought, there is totalitarianism.


It is wrong not to educate people and profit from their ignorance.


There is no situation more miserable than having one's life shaped by conformism to fear.


If someone has a toxic mindset, it demonstrates which god they serve.


If your definition of progress and nationalism depends on the idea of building a nation on the corpses of native peoples, you are nothing more than a mindless monster.


People prefer to conform to their fears rather than fight them to do what is good in the long run.


Most people are not able to perceive the details of reality and its future projections. They call those who understand them crazy or "conspiracy theorists" until events happen that prove the latter were right.


People don't care about their own privacy until they live in totalitarian regimes.


Walled gardens aren't much different from prisons. They are just more attractive.


Schools form empty pawns. This is evidenced by the disdain that society has in the face of situations that threaten its future.


Children are creative and willing to learn, but the education system kills their creativity and discourages their learning.


There are people who measure progress and satisfaction based on selfish criteria. But actually, they should measure them based on the collective.


It is true that life is full of suffering. But, generally speaking, we can do at least 2 things with it: learn and generate strength to continue living.


The modern citizen lives around the satisfactions of entertainment and achievement while ignoring the needs of others.


Many of the needs we have are imposed by vain imaginations.


Free will is the ego's arrogance over reason.


Healthy progress takes place through the propagation of knowledge and re-education.


You will face retaliation for expressing your opinion, so decide if it's worth it. If it is, choose to express correct opinions so that you are on the side of good.


Pornography is the trivialization of sex, the objectification of the human being, the legalization of rape, the degeneration of marriage.


We need to be careful with loneliness because it can make us selfish.


Worry is a distraction from the solution.


Christianity is meaningless if it is not centered on Christ. Likewise, this existence is meaningless if it is not linked to God.


We must keep in mind that all people have the potential to be drastically changed, especially when God is changing them.


The greatest friend you can have is Christ, because he chose to sacrifice himself on the cross in order to eliminate the barrier between us and the Creator.


I don't see the point of the Universe existing if it hadn't been designed by a totally logical and coherent intelligence, and this intelligence is the Most High God.


If God respected the human will, he would be unable to act on the planet, because the human being will never abandon sin, no matter how "holy" he thinks he is. If that were so, God would not be sovereign, so it would not be God.


The Christian God is far beyond the humanistic delusions that permeate many evangelical churches.


If the Gospel, when preached, does not offend the human ego, it is because its preacher is being used as a tool of evil.


As long as humanism does not leave the churches, they will be nothing more than ego-smoothing social gatherings. Only Christ's Gospel vivifies, while the "Igospel" mortifies.


It is very easy to carry a cross on your chest. The hard part is living for Christ in a world that hates the cross.


Regardless of whether you believe in God or not, he will rule your life.


Only Christ can save human beings from their self-destruction.


Any biblical interpretation that reduces God's sovereignty to the will of man must be rejected and considered evil.


Only those who study the Scriptures and apply their teachings are not carried away by any wind of doctrine. So participate in your church's Dominical Biblical School, and help instruct, build and strengthen the Church of Christ!


If your faith came from human persuasion, it is not true and does not lead to Paradise.


A society without God is dead.


Human beings have many needs, but the greatest of them is to repent of their sins and be saved by Jesus.


If we could fully understand God, then He would be too small to fit into our limited minds.


I can at most be a guide, for the way is Christ.


An ordinary person has 2 certainties: that in life he will suffer, and that one day he will die. A Christian also has these certainties, but in suffering, God will be on his side, and after death, he will be with God.


No time invested with God is time wasted.


The Bible is not just a book that contains texts, but it is the power of God for everyone who believes. It is capable of transforming lives, because God acts in the life of the believer when he is dedicated to reading and understanding it. Only when the believer is in want of the Scriptures will he be satisfied in God.


If anyone despises the study of the word, he is not a Christian, because the real Christian will long to know Christ more, and how will he know Christ more if he does not read the Bible?


There is no life apart from God.


It makes no sense to exist if there is no God.


The one who wants to have control over their life does not want God to have it.


If your theological point of view needs to ignore parts of the Bible to be true, then it is at least false, and at most an heresy.


It is not our conscience that defines how holy we are or whether we are saved, but the Scriptures.


When I look at who I was in the past, I get depressed; when I see my problems in the present arising from who I was, I yearn; but when I contemplate God, no matter the situation, I am comforted.


The time we spend with God is never excessive.


If my plans don't contemplate getting closer to God, then they are empty and disposable.


Do not adopt a theological point of view that is more pleasing to you, but that brings you closer to God.


God uses times of affliction to draw us closer to himself and to mold us into conformity with Jesus. This is when we learn most, experientially, about God, his teachings, and his cares. These are unpleasant but beneficial situations.


When the human being isolates himself from God, the only alternative left to him is the annulment of what makes him virtuous.


Only in Christianity suffering does make sense.


As society moves away from God, it approaches despair.


There are so many problems in life, but the biggest one has already been solved, which is the salvation of sinners, by Jesus Christ.


Those who defend the illusion of free will are those who want autonomy over God.


The Christian may not have everything, but he has God, who in fact is all he needs.


Even though we have very limited knowledge about God (through the Bible), we know him well enough to dedicate our lives to him.


Many times we trouble ourselves because we don't trust God enough.


The Church will experience a true revival when she takes the wolves from her pulpits and paganism and humanism out of her theology. Otherwise, it will attract the judgment of God.


Evil may seem to triumph now, but God is not impartial about it.


We shouldn't despair when evil triumphs, but when we lose hope that one day Jesus will return and defeat evil.


We are not able to understand all situations, but God knows how to deal with them better than we do.


The Christians might be in the same situation as Job, but they will never be in the same situation as someone who has no hope in God.


We should not aspire to be like men, but like Jesus.


The ego makes us think we know how to live without God's guidance, but that only results in more pain.


Value God more so that the appearance of evil disgusts you more and more.


As insignificant as a God-given activity may seem to us, by doing it, we are becoming more and more like Jesus.


Many people confuse diabolical manifestations with "moving of the Spirit" within churches.


It is God who heals our wounds. The scars remain, but the wound closes.


We must learn to trust God because if we trust ourselves, we despair.


We need to constantly remind ourselves that God with his light eliminates darkness from our lives.


God's light is the only light that can dispel our darkness.


When we sin, we are saying that we know how to live without God and that we don't love him properly.


When we end our lives, what will really matter is: how much we loved, how much we reflected God's light and how much we served the others.


We are all ugly inside. The problem is when this ugliness is not being transformed by Christ.


Our idols are illusions of satisfaction.


A church that does not have expository preaching serves as Satan's podium.


If people turn away from God because of his Word, it means that they prefer to approach the Devil's word.


If your Christian life is not more painful than your life before you were converted, then you are probably still anesthetized by the sin.


Complaining weakens our faith, for it is as if we were saying to God: "You don't know what you're doing."


It is true that what we do in history is insignificant, but if we dedicate what we do to God then it will add up to an eternal weight of glory for him.


If you don't like to study and meditate on the Bible you don't convince me you're a Christian.


The greatest difficulties in life are the ones that give the most satisfaction when overcome.


Social networks are insane realities manufactured with the aim of manipulating the masses to have other worldviews that are harmful to good coexistence and carry out acts in accordance with an agenda implanted in their minds.


If you are interested in God only for his blessings you are nothing more than a son of the Devil disguised as a saint.


What is the best way to defeat an enemy? It's taking advantage of their weaknesses. And if the weakness of a Christian community is theological correctness, then Satan will take advantage of it to weaken and destroy it. Therefore, we must value the correct interpretation of the Scriptures, so that neither human beings nor the daydreams of their hearts are in evidence, but God.