My Journey Rediscovering the Ancient Internet

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I remember a little of what the Internet was like when I was younger: with a 56 kbit/s dial-up modem, I explored the web and came across many interesting and curious sites. There was so much creativity and originality! Sometimes with excessive visual and auditory effects, but their personalities were clearly perceived. People expressed themselves, even sometimes not knowing very well how or not having so much technical knowledge.

Today, many websites are made from molds with no personality. It is true that it is easier and more productive to create websites from them, but originality and creativity are lost. They are mostly overloaded with technical dependencies. Some websites go so far as to have ads, trackers and other technologies that are invasive to the security and privacy of users' data. Browsing becomes cumbersome, time-consuming and a constant violation of human rights. The Internet has become bland and hostile. Instead of being people making websites to express themselves, they are now productivity slaves building websites in the name of the financial market mindset.

This is not simply nostalgia. It's just a realistic point of view when following technology progress (if that would be progress). I think that we should implement what's good of modern technologies, as long as this does not destroy the personality of the sites, nor harm the browsing of its visitors and the other people involved. I am in favor of innovation, as long as it brings real progress and does not violate human rights.

There is a crowd dissatisfied with the current state of the Internet, and I see this movement growing more and more. We don't want to have our data exploited for profit. We don't want to be treated like objects without dignity. We want to browse the web without constantly worrying about the minefield of privacy-invasive technologies. We want fairer technologies. That's what we're doing.